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1.1 The Story & Designs platform operates by virtue of Month-to-Month contracts in respect of subscription packages. Story & Designs platform may terminate the agreement, or a particular Service, at any time for any reason whatsoever, provided that same is reasonable. A copy of said reasons may be provided to the client, should same be requested.  The Client may terminate the agreement, or a particular part thereof by giving one calendar months’ notice to the Story & Designs platform in respect of certain services. For example, if notice is given on the 15th of January, termination will take effect on the 1st of March. Particular Service Terms may allow for shorter notice periods, which may be listed within our Terms and Conditions from time to time. You are therefore requested to acquaint yourself with our Terms and Conditions policy. Other notice periods may be applicable which is dependent on the service and/or product purchased.  


1.2 The Client must give notice of termination to Story & Designs via the Story and Designs platform, or the e-mail address listed in on our contact page. Cancellation of any Service is the Client’s responsibility. The Client is responsible for ensuring that such cancellation of service is actioned with due attention to terms of cancellation.


1.3 Either party may terminate this Agreement and any service provision where there is a breach of this Agreement by the other which has not been remedied within seven (7) days of receipt of written notice to do so.


1.4 Story & Designs platform reserves the right to terminate agreements based on a breach of this agreement, or linked agreements (such as our Terms and Conditions policy) which is viewed as a breach of the whole service contract.


1.5 The Client acknowledges that Story & Designs platform may terminate this Agreement by written notice, including email, and without liability in the event of said termination.


1.6 By purchasing a monthly subscription (either the Starter Plan, Premium Plan or Elite Plan), on the Story & Designs platform you agree to an initial and recurring monthly subscription fee at the then current month subscription rate, and you accept responsibility for all recurring charges until you cancel your subscription. You may cancel your monthly subscription at any time, subject to this policy.


1.7 The initial fee applicable to monthly subscriptions, same shall be non-refundable once the Client has access to the relevant product and/or service. Set-up fees will also be no refundable. Should a Client elect to cancel their subscription and/or the client fails to attend to the subscription fees, after 5 days from notice being provided by the platform, the Client’s website will cease to be in operation with immediate effect thereafter.    


1.8 In respect of digital products that may be offered by the Story & Design platform and subsequently purchased by the Client, a Client will not be entitled to any refund whether in part of full, where said products were downloaded.


1.9 For services related to virtual assistants, one month’s calendar notice would be required by the Story and Design platform in respect of cancellations, however no refund shall be applicable in respect of the monthly subscription free, in instances where the virtual assistant has completed the task required. Cancellations will only take effect at the end of the billing cycle in which the 30 (thirty-day) notice period would have lapsed.  


1.10 Story & Designs platform reserves the right to deactivate or terminate selected Free Products, should they not be used within a prescribed period or at the Story & Design’s platform sole discretion. Such termination will take place automatically, as per product specifications, and may occur without prior warning or written notice. Story & Designs platform accepts no liability should such termination take place, and no warranty is made regarding the availability of said products in the future.

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